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Environmental Traffic Monitoring and Classification

Ground breaking, patent pending , (ICE) intelligent composite engine moves ANPR technology truly into the 21st Century.

Our solution was originally developed in Oxfordshire to overcome a number of technical challenges that had been plaguing an existing high end ANPR procurement. Within hours of our first site upgrade it became an obvious night and day transformation.

M2M TECH LTD can confidently report a 99.9% success rate for the Genesis system even in the most difficult of circumstances.

We have continued to develop the solution and with our latest update we can now classify every vehicle using national vehicle data (DVLA / DVSA), helping you better understand the environmental impact of traffic in your cities and parishes enabling you to make more informed choices on where investment is necessary.

The good news is that even if you have invested in ANPR technology our solution can be added to your existing network bringing all of its benefits, supercharging your teams productivity.


Oxford school pupils thank council after faulty bollards fixed.”

SCHOOL pupils have written to the county council to thank the local authority for fixing bollards which had blighted the school for three and a half years.

The letter to the council reads: “We are writing to thank you for addressing our concerns regarding the bollard by Aristotle Bridge next to our school, St Philip and St James’ Primary".

Ms Awuye told the Oxford Mail: “The council responded, and it’s got to the point where it’s working really, really well".


M2M Tech has developed a fully integrated ANPR solution for Genesis. For the first time you can now manage ANPR bus lanes and bus gates from the same ultra reliable Real Time management software that you use to manage your display network.

With our remote connection delivered via tried and tested 4G networks you can now install ANPR at any location. With the camera head operating from low voltage 12v DC the post can be installed easily with the minimum of fuss.

Using a GPIO controlled 8 channel relay module it is possible to control multifunction’s like manual override bollard control without the need for expensive out of hours maintenance calls.

With full remote access it is incredibly easy to update details remotely without the need for site visits.

Enhanced Call Centre Support (Customisable Operation Controls)

“Genesis enables cost reduction by enabling these systems to be controlled from dedicated call centres”

If you need to remotely control your highway or gated access systems then the same reliable proven technology can be used to control restrictions times, single access events and full system resets.

With our system now capable of (monitored, semi automatic operation) or (full automation) let Genesis guide you or your call centre by presenting only the necessary operational controls at the right times.

With fully integrated overview cameras you can now have the confidence from a single system to operate the bollard safely and with operation being logged you know precisely when and who operated the bollard.

Integrated Overview Cameras

AI - Restriction Monitoring with Automatic Email Alerts

Enhanced AI constantly monitors the bollard state in real time ensuring that the restriction is in the correct mode of operation. When our system detects that the bollard is out of sequence an automatic email alert informs single or multiple email recipients so the bollard state can be instantly corrected.

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