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Dive into the Next Generation of "AI Enhanced" 4G / 5G Mobile CCTV and ANPR camera control systems

Our Services

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Genesis Management Portal

The cloud-based Genesis management portal allows users to access and manage their systems from anywhere in world, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year from a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Management tools such as reports, statistics, user controls, are all managed through a single portal which allows for ultimate flexibility for customers wanting to effectively manage their ANPR systems. Designed to complement the full suite of M2M Tech products, the Genesis platform provides a modern and simple method of managing ANPR systems through advanced cutting-edge software.

Security system for building access - barrier gate stop with toll booth, traffic cones and

ANPR Bollards, Gates and Barrier Access

M2M Tech provides industry leading Intelligent ANPR technology which can be deployed in a variety of different systems to suit even the most challenging environments. This could be operating a physical bollard or barrier to restrict vehicular access, or to simply enforce traffic restrictions through a virtual gate such as a bus gate. The innovative M2M Tech Intelligent ANPR solution guarantees effective plate reads even when the conditions are sub optimal and can enhance number plate recognition through its patent pending software. Using a complex machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, further enhancements of the system can be gained by giving access to vehicles identified as buses even when they are not in an associated whitelist database.  When we became involved in the project the ANPR accuracy was just 33%.  With the addition of our middle ware we were able to bring that up to 99.9% with whitlist typos now automtically being identified the performance of this system was now news worthy in a positive way.

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ANPR Bus Priority with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Active bus priority is an effective method of changing traffic signals in “real-time” to benefit buses through reduced transit times through junctions and traffic nodes. Although largely effective in reducing travel times between intersections, these systems often lack the intelligence to make best use of controlling signals and can often lead to vehicles being forced to reduce their speed unnecessarily or even stop completely. M2M Tech’s advanced ANPR solution combines Artificial Intelligence with enhanced number plate recognition software to speed up the decision-making process. This ensures that a higher number of vehicles are given a “Green Wave” and are safely permitted access through junctions and traffic nodes


CCTV for the Next Generation

With a change to the way people work post Covid, M2M started from the ground up to build the next geration of mobile CCTV.  Using our proven archutecture we have developed web based tools that allow you to view your camera netwrok in real time with out the need for expensive unreliable hard lines.  Using years of experiance in Real Time Passenger information we were able to deveop a robust CCTV managment portal, that operated on the basis of a cost effective workstation could now access and display your control room from a home office enviroment over the internet.  This new cloud based control room approach replaces expensive unreliable local servers that are often in difficult to access locations, and places it on our Azure cloud based servers that never need to be rebooted.

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Zero Emission Zone Enforcement

In order to address high levels of pollution in urban areas and help the country’s overall ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050, a number of Low Emission Zones (LEZ’s), also commonly known as Clean Air Zones (CAZ), are steadily being introduced by local authorities all over the UK. These zones can offer a means for towns and cities to pilot innovations in urban mobility and public transport and increase the use of zero emission vehicles. In order to enforce these zones and realize these key benefits, M2M Tech has developed the tools to manage this including its advanced ANPR software recognition solution (Patent Pending). By linking to a national database (DVLA / DVSA), the system accurately identifies and registers every vehicle that enters these zones; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can automatically do the ground work reducing the admininstratoin effort needed to manage enforcment notices.

We can tailor our solutions to your needs

Our experience and knowledge allows us to customise the ANPR solution to suit your specific requirements, whether its single site, multi-site, zero emissions zones, car parks or City centre bus gates 

Want to know more?  Talk to one of our advises today and see how we can help you deliver your project on time and within budget.

Traffic jam

Environmental Traffic Monitoring and Classification

Understanding vehicle classifications and traffic volume helps measure traffic flow through urban and rural areas allowing the user to separate more harmful HGV traffic from zero polluting or low emissions vehicles. Actual real-time traffic data can be collected and used as supporting evidence to help influence effective planning controls without having to rely on primitive and inaccurate vehicle counting techniques that often have extremely low accuracy detection rates and are therefore unreliable and unusable sources of data. Through operating and managing the M2M Tech intelligent ANPR solution, designated sections of highway can effectively be monitored to collect environmental data, along with enforcing restrictions such as weight restrictions, height restrictions, and other vehicle specific restrictions.

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