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Our Vision

Our vision is to challenge incumbent supplier positions in the market and provide an innovative, sustainable, and deeply integrated approach to intelligence around traffic and transportation systems. Our focus is on enabling clients to reduce revenue spends whilst increasing quality of service through a variety of high-quality software and hardware solutions. 

Image by Taylor Vick

Connecting the Future

In a world where big data is a reality, cities are getting smarter and ever more connected, and traffic and transportation systems need to adapt and change to meet the demands of a growing economy. One of the most effective ways of achieving significant benefits to all road users is by making the existing infrastructure more efficient.


By constantly innovating and adapting to a fast evolving industry, M2M Tech is able to offer its clients access to advanced Artificial intelligence and other smart technologies through its innovative product line.

Self Funding Investment

With financial investment difficult to sustain, our proven technology will not only improve your city by reducing traffic via enforcement, but it will also encourage people to use the public transport system available to them. 


If you combine the increased revenue for bus operators with the reduction in general traffic, you can optimise clean air zones while covering the maintenance and growth of the system through reinvesting monies realised by effective enforcement.  

Image by Andrea De Santis
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